Awaretag – About Us

Damp and mould can destroy properties and affect health and wellbeing – but technology and people working together can tackle the problem. That’s the starting point and driving force behind Awaretag.

We can harness the power of technology to identify where damp and mould is, and crucially why it’s there – enabling landlords and tenants to manage it. It’s smarter technology for healthier homes.

Our technology enables any home to tell us how it performs, predict emerging risks, and tell us what landlords can do to make it warm, dry and energy-efficient.

We are putting people at the centre of technology, giving everyone the confidence in data to make the right choices for the environment. By doing so, we can save time, energy and resources ­– while creating healthier homes for tenants.

Awaretag was created by entrepreneur Leonard Carey. Today, we’re a team of software developers, engineers and experts dedicated to using technology to solve some of the biggest challenges in housing.

We’re not stopping with sensors.

We’re already creating living digital copies of homes, offices, warehouses, enabling surveyors, builders and owners to create net-zero properties at scale. We must build energy-efficient homes that are fit for the future­, and our technology can help.

We can’t do this alone. So we’re working with the UK’s most progressive housing providers, charities and businesses who support our work and believe in our vision for the future.

Join us for the journey.

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