Temperature. Humidity. Pollution. Energy.

Awaretag maps your environment. You see how to improve it.

What we do

We are building technology that monitors temperature, humidity and pollution in your home and outdoor spaces.

It calculates what it means for your health and wellbeing, and nudges you to do the simple things to improve your environment.

Our Intelligent devices work together to give you a map of the environment without connection to the internet.

Small enough to put anywhere.  No networks. Simply unbox, discover, and make a change.

Our mission

Everyone should have control over the data they generate and who they share it with.

Technology should give you the confidence to make personal changes to improve the environment for you, me, everyone.

AI needs to work for you, wherever you are, even without networks. Understanding should be made easy and actions even easier.

Devices should be small, portable and above all, not look like technology!

The team

We are a team of electronics and software engineers, security architects, data analysts, AI and Machine Learning data scientists, industrial designers, telecommunications designers and innovators.

We are a diverse group with family roots across the world, experiences spanning over 30 years, and we still have the same curiosity we all felt when we were kids.

Contact us

We have started our journey creating maps of indoor air quality, comfort and energy in housing, and calculating the best conditions to grow indoor plants for wellbeing.

We are still exploring and developing the edge AI, and will be releasing some products soon.

Contact us to learn more or look out for our blogs.

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