Recycling Policy

Our philosophy has always been to leave as small a footprint as possible.

We designed the electronics so it is one of the smallest intelligent devices of its kind and we also made it so it can be repurposed and reusable. This means that when a tagged is returned to us or needs to be applied to a different asset, you can re-programme the electronics to do a completely different job. No need to start again.

The plastics we use for the tag casings are designed to be sealed and are commonly used for high volume production. Unfortunately, at present, the type of plastic cannot be put back into the production process once used. However, they are recyclable for other applications. There are many developments in material science that will make it possible to make industrial strength reusable plastics and we keep up to date on developments. For this reason, we have made the tags and gateways long life and reprogrammable to reduce the need for them to be disposed of.

The batteries are recyclable in the tags and rechargeable in the gateways. The gateways are designed to have replaceable/rechargeable batteries and anyone can do this. We provide a recharging unit as part of the package.

Our tags are designed to last for 2 years+ on a single battery. In some cases, depending on the configuration, they can last 5 years +. When a tag battery is near empty, it sends out a signal so you can manage the replacement process easily.

Our subscription service includes a simple way for you to return tags that have run out and we will replace them within your contract with a promise to recycle the batteries, reuse the electronics.