Smart Technology for
Healthy Homes.

Protecting tenants and landlords from mould and damp. Tailored advice for energy efficient living.

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A complete 3D picture of health.

Self-install wireless “health check” sensors delivered to the home.

Quickly see heating, ventilation and insulation performance metrics, with predictions of mould and damp.

Get online improvement advice from experts for effective retrofits and repairs.

Play, pause, and zoom in to check improvements are still working.

AI powered insights.
People focused advice.

Our AI can tell how daily habits and the quality of the building are causing mould and damp.

Better calculations than more expensive survey equipment. But without the complexity.

Visualisations and tailored advice everyone can understand.

You get to the important things faster.

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How it works.

No Wires. No Engineers. No Fuss.

1. Self-install Sensors, delivered to the home.

Your tenants sign up or you simply tell us where to send it, and we deliver it to the home. We can arrange pick up too.

The tenant puts a sensor in each room and plugs in the hub.

No apps to download. No fuss.

2. Algorithms detect hidden patterns.

After 2 weeks our algorithms detect building quality and daily habits causing mould and damp.

Share your repairs data with us and we will predict outcomes for the rest of your stock.

Predict the difficult cases before they become a crisis.

3. Instant knowledge, and actions.

Heating, mould, and damp predictions and metrics transformed into 3D animations and scores.

Each home labeled so you can search for similar homes in your stock and predict what they will be like.

Advice for the Tenant, and risk scores for you. Instantly. Online.

Protecting tenants
and landlords.

Quickly understand the needs of tenants, and the mould and damp condition of any property.

Enable targeted, timely actions; self-help, local community assistance, expert repair.

Measure your success; fuel savings, increase in comfort and satisfaction, reduction in reactive repairs, improvements from retrofits.

Enjoy peace of mind. Plan with greater confidence.

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