A Platform For Housing Providers and Tenants

Reduce heating costs.
Prevent damp & mould.
Better retrofit planning.

Small Sensors. Big Insights.

Easily deployed, unobtrusive and powerful technology.


  • Heating Performance
  • Leaks, Mould and Damp
  • Air Quality

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What we do

First find the Vulnerable Homes

We have profiled the energy and moisture risk for 20 million homes.

Identify the Root Cause

Detailed reports for every room in the house.

Fix the Problem

See the issues in 3D.

Easy to self install permanently or temporarily.

No trailing wires and cables.

Long lasting.

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  • Place one sensor in each room,
  • Tell us where you’ve put them in the app,
  • Turn the hub on.

That’s all.

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Monitor issues. Pinpoint causes. Fix them. Monitor success.

It's simple.


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