Temperature. Humidity. Pollution.

Awaretag maps your environment. You see how to improve it.

What we do

Our Bluetooth sensors, app and analytics create a history and prediction of building performance without connection to the internet.

See how temperature, humidity and pollution impact health, wellbeing, comfort and energy efficiency in your home. Get the guidance to make it better.

Small enough to put anywhere. No networks. Simply learn about your environment.

Awaretag App and product

Our mission

Create intelligent edge technology to preserve privacy and give instant guidance anyone can understand.

The team

We are a team of electronics and software engineers, security architects, data analysts, AI and Machine Learning data scientists, industrial designers, telecommunications engineers and innovators.

We are a diverse group with experiences spanning over 30 years, and we are driven by curiosity and the desire to make things simple.

Contact us

We are continually training the intelligence in our devices and app.

Take a look at our blog to see our progress and contact us to be part of the next step in our journey.