How we are Improving Health by Modernising Air Quality Tech – Part 2

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Our first installation of connected air quality sensors in homes went smoothly today. It only took 1 minute to connect to the Leeds public network and we were up and running. 

The sensor is super small and discreet.  There is a prize if you can spot it. We even tried to blend the colour scheme with the kitchen utensils and furniture!

We want to make it easier to help the most vulnerable live in healthier homes. We will collect PM1,PM4,PM10,PM25,VOC and NOx data from inside, compare it to outside and work with residents to classify events.

Understanding where pollutants are coming from and their impact is important so we can all plan the right responses and get the right help.  We are looking forward to sharing data with social services, housing teams, medical teams, urban planners and household product suppliers to guide how we create better environments.

Thanks to the team at the University of Leeds, Groundworks Yorkshire and Leeds City Council for helping us to get this off the ground.  I am personally delighted that we have managed to make this massive step to making environmental monitoring in homes accessible and meaningful for 1000’s of vulnerable people.

If you want to find out more about how we did it and our plans, then get in contact with us

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